POLYply 2

Rowena Easton

Beautiful, Useless Machines

Artist and writer Rowena Easton will read from “Beautiful, Useless Machines”, her series of imagined and preposterous structures exploring human relationships with the built environment – including a relentlessly detailed assault inspired by the depths of the British Library, and a vision of how advances in Tissue Technology might provide us with shelter.

Will Montgomery

20-minute audiovisual piece on south London’s Heygate Estate. This is a project Will has been working on for some years. The sounds used in the piece were all gathered in the area. Most have been heavily processed before being assembled in a composition.  The work reappraises the last-gasp modernism of the estate, finished in 1974, when the tide had already turned against this style of local-authority architecture. The estate will soon be demolished.

Ilona Sagar
Degrees of Enclosure
By utilising the strange aura which the Barbican estate commands, Degrees ofEnclosure transforms the Barbican’s architecture into a sublime sciencefiction landscape, a place between fiction and reality. The piece reflectson the recognisable features of this famous landmark, whilst drawingattention to the recurrent themes of its design. The non-narrative piecefollows the choreographed movements of disparate, yet uniformly dressed setof characters. The figures act as comparators, their human scale emphasisingthe theatrical dynamics of the space which they move through. Degrees of Enclosure seeks to create a sense of expectation, never reaching aconclusion, drawing the viewer into a never-ending sequence of events and tableaux.

Dancers: Georgina Hay, Aneta Hymka, DeimantePrismantaite, Elizabeth Streeter, Elaine Thomas.  Spoken text which accompanies the film was written by Adam Nathaniel Furman and read by Joel Sams.

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