POLYply 6

The second line of long-and-short, facing
presented by Julie Brixey-Williams and Libby Worth

Libby Worth is a movement practitioner trained with Anna Halprin focussing on collaborative process and a senior lecturer in Theatre Practice at Royal Holloway, University of London. Her current research includes development of her doctoral thesis (2008) on playtexts and scores as direction for dance, with special reference to writers and choreographers who integrate dance and text in performance. She has published articles and a co-authored book that include sections on the use of Halprin’s RSVP scoring methodology, a process that she continues to employ in recent projects.

Julie Brixey-Williams is a visual artist whose work explores the body’s relationship with space through gestural mark, drawing, movement and trace. She is a founder member of point and place, a group of six artists individually working in fields including drawing, movement, writing, sculpture, and social interaction, who work to develop collaborative artworks and books.

Alvin Lucier: Duke of York
performed by Will Montgomery and Steve Willey

Will Montgomery teaches contemporary poetry at Royal Holloway, University of London and makes electronic music, sound art and field recordings. His musical pieces explore aural texture and narrative. He also constructs compositions from sequences of treated or untreated field recordings. He is interested in the acoustics of the built environment, particularly London. He has released three full-length CDs: Water Blinks (Selvageflame, 2005); non-collaboration [with Heribert Friedl] (nonvisualobjects, 2008); and Legend [with Brian Marley] (Entr’Acte, 2009). A piece assembled from recordings made on the Heygate estate in south London is released on vinyl by Winds Measure early in 2011 and his realisation of a score by Manfred Werder is out on Cathnor.

Steve Willey co-editor of Openned, a poet, the assistant director of Archive of the Now, and is currently working on a CDA at Queen Mary University of London and The British Library Sound Archive on British Poetry and Performance 1960-2008: The Work of Bob Cobbing. Some of his poetry has been include in: Past Simple Issue 6 (2009), Veer Off (2008), Onedit Issue 11 (2008) Stimulus Respond: Time (2008) Skin (2009) Cannibal Spices 1 (2008) Klatch, 1,2,3 (2009-10). He has performed work at: The Leather Exchange (Crossing the Line 2009), The Foundry (Openned 2008 & Disposable Venus Bits 2009), The Wigmore Hall (Voice works 2008 & 2009), The Horse Hospital (Birkbeck Textmusictextmusic Symposium 2009) and The Poetry Café (La Langoustine Est Morte 2009). Collaborations with the composer Edward Nesbit have included Portmanteaux (2008) and Soundings (2009). Steve’s most recent work, Slogans, works with the metrical and political possibilities of pro-Palestinian slogans.

Manfred Werder: 2010(2)

Manfred Werder is a composer, performer, pianist, curator. His work actualizes time and space by letting the world’s natural abundance appear. Performs throughout the world. Lives in situ. CD releases include 20092 (Heresy, A Coruña upcoming 2011); 20051 (8 CD-set, winds measure recordings, US, upcoming 2011); stück 1998 seiten 624-626  (skiti 06, Japan 2010); 20095 (Cathnor Vignettes series, UK 2010); 20071 (futow, Kôbe 2010); 20083 (Im Sefinental, Edition Wandelweiser Records, Germany 2009); ein(e) ausführende(r) seiten 218-226 (Edition Wandelweiser Records, Germany 2006); and 20061 (skiti 01, Japan 2006).
Scores since 2005
Visual documents and performance history of the score ‘stück 1998’

Elizabeth Guthrie: Visemes-Portraits

Elizabeth Guthrie is working along the Beat lineage on her phd in text and performance at Royal Holloway, University of London. She is a poet and performer and a co-editor of Livestock Editions as well as the former poetry editor of Bombay Gin. Her work has appeared in such publications as Onedit, Requited, Klatch, Bombay Gin, Pinstripe Fedora, American Drivel Review and as books through Black Lodge Press and Slumgullion Press. She has performed in series such as Crossing the Line, Desperate for Love, Crater and Openned, in addition to performing in the seminar Poetic Corners within the Exhibition Cornered Rooms at the Waterside Project Space.
Contact: elizabeth.guthrie@gmail.com

Brigid McLeer: Vexations (based on Erik Satie’s score)

Brigid McLeer is an artist who teaches at Coventry University. Her numerous exhibitions, residencies and publications are detailed at here. For her Vexations work, go here.


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