POLYply 7

Tim Atkins is the author of many books of poetry, including 25 Sonnets from The Figures, and Horace from O Books. In the last year, Crater has brought out Petrarch; If p then q, 1000 Sonnets; Oystercatcher,Honda Ode (a Japanese translation of On The Road), and Barque has this week brought out another volume called Petrarch. Editor of the international poetry journal onedit, London correspondent for American poetry magazine Lungfull!, and father of Koto & Yuki, Tim’s next book, consisting of plays, cartoons, and poems, is to be called The Tim Atkins Annual and is due out next year.

Peter Manson lives in Glasgow.  His books include Adjunct: an Undigest and For the Good of Liars (both from Barque), Between Cup and Lip (Miami UP Ohio) and Before and After Mallarmé (Survivors’ press).  His website, “Freebase Accordion”, is at www.petermanson.com

Jooyeon Park’s art practice, consisting of poetry, film, video, and installation, often uses language as a main axis to address issues concerning a poetics of displacement, especially the impossibility of translation between cultures and histories. Her recent exhibitions include ‘Your Bright Future’ at Los Angeles County Museum of Art and Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, U.S.A. (2009-10); ‘Annual Report’ at Gwangju Biennale, Korea (2008); ‘Platform Seoul: I have nothing to say, and I am saying it’ at ArtSonje Centre, Seoul (2008); ‘One Fine Day’ at Rodin Gallery, Samsung Museum of Art, Seoul (2007); ‘Top Floor’ at Platform Garanti Contemporary Art Centre, Istanbul (2007); ‘LYBSY’, Akiyoshidai International Art Village, Yamaguchi, Japan (2005). Her forthcoming exhibition ‘Materialized Memory’ at Total Museum of Art will travel to Istanbul and Amsterdam later this year.

Caroline Rabourdin
Caroline Rabourdin is a French architect living in London. She is currently undertaking a PhD at Chelsea College of Art and Design, provisionally labeled ‘Spatial translations between Paris and London: On Place, Bilinguism and the ‘Situatedness’ of Language”. Since graduating from the ENSAIS (1999) and the Bartlett School of Architecture for her M.Arch (2001), she has worked in various architectural offices in Paris and London. She has taught architectural design at the Ecole Speciale d’Architecture in Paris with Sir Peter Cook and interior design with Kate Davies at Chelsea College of Art and Design in London. She is currently part-time lecturer in BA Architecture at Greenwich University, (www.atelier10.wordpress.com).  Her research interests include language, in particular bilinguism and translation, as well as space theory, phenomenology and spatial representations. She is also the editor/designer/writer of www.noarchitecture.org. For POLYply 7 she will be presenting a piece of writing entitled ‘Translations of a Dandelion’.

David Rule’s practice comes from a hunch that most of what happens is worth preserving. Every day tends to be his material. In the past year he has shown work at artists’ book fairs in London, Cardiff, Birmingham and New York and exhibited at The Woodmill, Quare Gallery and Stoke Newington International Airport. His works are in the collections of Centre de Livre d’Artiste and The Saison Poetry Library. He recently co-founded covered in toner (www.coveredintoner.com) for the distribution of self-published material and is assisting the launch of bookRoom Press (www.thebookroom.net), the expansion of an established research cluster investigating photography on the page at University for the Creative Arts, Farnham.
See also:  http://www.davidrule.co.uk/


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