POLYply 20

Prudence Chamberlain has just completed her first-year of PhD at Royal Holloway, developing a poetics of flippancy to position first person within fourth wave feminism.  She has done readings at the Feminist Cultural Carnival, Centre of Creative Collaboration and The Jam, hosted by Arts Admin.  She recently worked on an adaptation of Titus Groan, which was staged by Blackshaw Theatre Company at the Actors’ Church in Covent Garden this April.

Becky Cremin hails from Ireland by way of the world and currently lives in London. She has an MA in Poetic Practice from Royal Holloway University of London, and is currently undergoing a practice-led PhD ‘Investigating Contemporary Performance Through Poetic Practices’. She works in process and draws on traditions of live art, fluxus, performance writing and site specific work to construct a hybridity of practice which uses language as an object to expose, to investigate, to locate. She is a founding member of the poetic collective PRESS FREE PRESS, she regularly performs in London and beyond. Publications include LAY’D from Veer and Cutting Movement from The Knives Forks and Spoons Press. Examples of her work can be found at www.performatext.org.

Allen Fisher is a poet, painter, publisher and art historian, lives in Hereford. Over 140 single-authored publications of poetry, graphics and art documentation; contributed to Fluxshoe England West in 1970s; exhibited in many shows from Fluxus Britannica Tate Britain to Lifting from fear King’s Gallery York. Examples of his work are in the Tate Collection, the Living Museum, Iceland and various international private collections. Seven recent books were Proposals: poem-image-commentary; Leans; Confidence in lack, essays; Singularity Stereo, Place; Entanglement; and Gravity. Recent talks were The Æsthetics of the Imperfect Fit with a coda for Joesph Beuys, at Glasfryn Seminars, and Poetic facture and visual art for Plymouth Contemporary Poetry & Source.

Sarah Hughes is an artist and musician currently based in Oxford.  She plays zither and piano in improvising groups and as a founding member of the Set Ensemble, a group of musicians dedicated to the performance of contemporary composition.  She performs with long-term collaborators Patrick Farmer, Daniel Jones and Stephen Cornford and has also performed with musicians such as Antoine Berger, Seijiro Murayama, Dominic Lash and Kostis Kilymis.  She has performed  throughout the UK and Europe, and has participated in various international festivals, such as Blurred Edges in Hamburg and i and e in Dublin. She is the co-founder of Compost and Height, curating projects such as Michael Pisaro’s Only [Harmony Series #17],Manfred Werder, Ben Owen and Patrick Farmer’s  New Works  and the current Water Yam Project.

Kostis Kilymis is an artist focusing on audio feedback systems and representation. His practice touches upon music, installation work and video – developed using a mixture of electronic and acoustic approaches. In performance, he has collaborated with various musicians such as Lucio Capece, Nikos Veliotis, Leif Elggren and Patrick Farmer. He also maintains ongoing projects in Syndromes and Syndromes Sister Overdrive [w/Giannis Kotsonis] and runs the Organized Music from Thessaloniki music label. He has exhibited work in Athens and Oxford, and is currently based in Oxford, UK.

Nisha Ramayya is currently devising a Tantric Poetics, merging Indian philosophies and mythic traditions with contemporary feminist theories and poetics. She is particularly interested in translation, whether from Sanskrit to English, from classical convention to contemporary experiment, from patriarchal tradition to feminist transformation. She is in the second year of a PhD at Royal Holloway under the supervision of Redell Olsen.



















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