POLYply 23


Emma Bennett works with performance, sound, video and text. Her practice proceeds via mistranslations, slip-ups and slippages occurring between verbal and visual modes. In 2012, she staged a number of attempts to speak about birds – at poetry readings, on the radio and via a powerpoint presentation called Slideshow Birdshow. This work has been presented by Arnolfini, Forest Fringe, Whitstable Biennale, Xing the Line, Resonance FM and BBC Radio 3’s The Verb. She is currently undertaking a doctorate at Queen Mary University of London, writing on comedy, figurative language and the voice in contemporary performance.

Sam Hasler is a visual artist based in Cardiff working in performance, installation and writing. Through performances and exhibitions that span the UK he has developed an informal and process driven model of presentation. The artwork and writing emerges from his ongoing struggle with the Christian faith.

Taey Iohe is an artist and researcher based in London, Seoul and Dublin. Her creative work engages with socio-cultural memories and sensations through language and moving images. Her artworks have been exhibited at shows internationally: Berlin (Literature Berlin), Paris (Le Cube), Koln (Experimental Video Arts), Poznan (Art District), San Francisco (UC Berkeley), Rotterdam (BAD Foundation), Ansan (Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Arts), Seoul (Insa Art Space, Arko Museum), and Belfast (Golden Thread Gallery), among others.  She is a PhD Candidate at University College, Dublin, in the programme of Gender, Culture and Identity at the School of English, Drama and Film. She has been nominated for an award for excellence in the Writing the Borders programme at the John Hume Institute for Global Irish Studies, in 2013. Her research examines the relationship between aesthetics and migration through an investigation of cultural translation in the case of a globalised economic and aesthetic space.

Lucy Sheerman was born in Wales and grew up in West Yorkshire. Her pamphlet Rarefied (falling without landing) was published by Oystercatcher in the summer. Her work has recently been included in the Shearsman anthology Infinite Difference: Other Poetries by UK Women Poets, edited by Carrie Etter and The International Egg and Poultry Review (Friends Magazine 2). She also has a commissioned piece of work in Archive of the Now, a digital collection of poets performing their own work, based at Queen Mary University of London. She read and critiqued innovative writing whilst studying at Cambridge with writers such as Rod Mengham, JH Prynne, Stephen Rodefer and Fiona Templeton and has written about a number of contemporary language-focused writers and has a PhD from the University of Cambridge which examines the relationship between language writing and space. She set up the rem press poetry series with Karlien van den Beukel, publishing writers such as Lisa Jarnot, Jennifer Moxley, Drew Milne and Redell Olsen, and went on to run the poetic practice seminar with Redell Olsen and Andrea Brady. She is currently a literature specialist at the Arts Council, working to support the development of writers and new writing through a range of innovative projects. She lives with her partner and four children in Cambridge.

Image from POLYply 23

Image from POLYply 23

Image from POLYply 23

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