POLYply 26


Paul Buck
Paul Buck has published more books than he can remember, starting at the end of the 60s. He retains no extensive CV, only an awareness of a proliferation that has shaped a labyrinthine universe. That said, he recalls his 70s publishing venture, Curtains, that injected Georges Bataille, Maurice Blanchot and many others into a British scene. In recent years he has published: Spread Wide (Dis Voir), a play with his letters from Kathy Acker; A Public Intimacy (BookWorks), in which he explored a life through his scrapbooks; Performance (Omnibus), a full-on biography of the classic Cammell/Roeg film. For some years he has also been translating contemporary French writings for various publishers. Today, along with his wife, Catherine Petit, they have launched a new imprint Vauxhall & Company with the Cabinet Gallery, a venture that intends to present works that others seem unwilling to take onboard. For the POLYply reading he will work with his earlier published text, Lust/lust to write/to write out of lust.

Vincent Dachy
Located in London having drifted from Belgium Vincent Dachy has written quite a few things in English and in French, most often on Mondays. He acts as the spokesperson of VDcollective http://www.vdcollective.com.
Vincent Dachy also practices and teaches Lacanian psychoanalysis.

Generative Constraints Committee
The Generative Constraints committee is a group of practice-based research students from Royal Holloway, University of London, who are organising the forthcoming conference – Generative Constraints. The committee is made up of researchers from Creative Writing, Drama & Theatre, and Poetic Practice.

Holly Pester
Holly Pester is a poet, archive-curator and researcher based in London. Her work experiments in frequencies of speech, song and articulated noise through performance and installation. She has performed at art events including , Text Festival 2011 and Serpentine Poetry Marathon 2009, and was a writer in residence at dOCUMENTA 13. She has recently completed a practice-based PhD in poetics at Birkbeck, University of London titled, ‘Making Speech-Matter: Recurring Mediations in Sound Poetics and its Contemporary Practice’. Holly Pester’s first poetry collection, Hoofs, was released with if p then q press in 2011 and her second, Folkslop, is due out with Veer is 2014.

David Stent
David Stent is an artist, writer and performer working with text, image and collaborative practices. He has recently initiated a long-term publishing project, ‘The Müleskinders: A Prototype Publication’, at London’s Banner Repeater and is conducting an ongoing series of collaborative residencies under the title of ‘Writing as Occupation’. Other recent publications include ‘A Fingertip on Black Bulb’ at Compost and Height and ‘The Depiction of Dissemination’, an essay published to accompany the New Perspectives on Joseph Wright conference at the University of Derby. He is also a founding member of The Set Ensemble, a collective dedicated to the performance of experimental music and contemporary composition, especially that of the Wandelweiser group. He holds a PhD from the University of Reading and is currently Head of Visual Arts at West Dean College.

Performances at POLYply 26 Performances at POLYply 26 Performances at POLYply 26 Performances at POLYply 26

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