At POLYproject 7: Text.Scores., held on 12 October 2015 at the Cello Factory, Will Montgomery and Redell Olsen performed a simultaneous realisation of two scores: Rhodri Davies’s Lle y bwriaf angor and Angharad Davies’s Cofnod Pen Bore / Morning Records. Rhodri and Angharad also performed a new score by Redell, Cloud Moult Water.

View Redell Olsen’s score for Cloud Moult Water as pdf.

This is a recording of the group improvisation that closed the evening:

Download as mp3.

Thanks to Dan Linn-Pearl for the recording.


The Book of the City of Ladies

Andrea Brady’s The Book of the City of Ladies was performed at POLYply 30 on 5 June 2014.

The sequence of readers was as follows: Andrea Brady, Kristen Kreider, Prue Chamberlain, Nisha Ramayya, Francesca Lisette, Andrea Brady.

Thanks to Jeff Hilson for making the recording.

Download as mp3.



Location Composites

James Saunders’ location composites is a site-specific series of compositions begun in 2011, in which, through a range of processes, locations are sampled and presented as scores for realisation in sound. The means by which this is accomplished differs in each piece, but includes verbal description, recording, measuring, commentary and observation.

location composite #6, which responds to sounds heard by three poets under the clock at Waterloo Station between 22-28 February 2014, was performed as part of the POLYproject series at the Centre for Creative Collaboration in London by Sarah Hughes, Kostis Kilymis and Artur Vidal on 6 March 2014.

Download as mp3 or FLAC. (The audio is also available from the Compost & Height downloads page. Documentation of two earlier events in the POLYproject series is available in Compost & Height’s Wolf Notes #3 and #5.)


The score was generated from text supplied by the poets Amy Cutler, Chris McCabe and Andrew Spragg, who followed James’s instructions for listening:


  1. I am interested in your ideas and events – (I’m currently completing a PhD in live, associative, site-specific sound performance at CRiSAP, at LCC) – please add me to your list

    • POLYply said:

      OK – done!

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