Event Recordings

Lisa Robertson reading at POLYply > 30

Lisa Robertson read a selection of her works at POLYply > 30 on 5 June 2014.

Thanks to Lisa, for allowing us to show this recording of her reading.


Tim Parkinson’s Time With People, at POLYply > 29

At POLYply > 29 on 10 April 2014, Tim Atkins and Jeff Hilson performed Opus 1 of Tim Parkinson’s opera Time With People, and Tim has kindly allowed us to show his recording of the performance here:

You can read more about the composer Tim Parkinson at untitledwebsite.com


Carol Watts reading from Sundog

On Thursday 13 June 2013, Carol Watts read from her book Sundog at its launch event, jointly hosted by the Royal Holloway Poetics Research Centre and the School of English and Languages at the University of Surrey, and held at the Centre for Creative Collaboration in London.

With thanks to Carol, for allowing us to show this recording here.

Sundog is published by Veer.


Video Commissions

These works were commissioned by POLYply in 2013.

The films by Allen Fisher and Angharad Davies are alternative realisations of works they performed at POLYply. NaoKo TakaHashi’s contribution was developed specifically in response to this web-based commission. We are grateful for the support of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Royal Holloway.


Allen Fisher, Homage to Walter De Maria

Allen Fisher, Homage to Walter De Maria:

Homage to Walter De Maria brings together my performance from SPUTTOR, with its connected themes of poverty and the expensive escape from the planet, with a recall of meaningless work, thought of by Walter De Maria as part of Fluxus in 1960.



NaoKo TakaHashi, Repetition of Uncoded

NaoKo TakaHashi, Repetition of Uncoded:

Repetition of Uncoded explores the boundaries between the imaginary and the real by reversing the image to accentuate a viewer’s embodied relationship to the screen space.

Written with no punctuation, the text invites viewers to structure and re-structure a single sentence, leading to a variety of interpretations. The piece is to be looped so that the process can be repeated, with a different set of meanings arising with each repetition, until the viewers wish to stop.



Angharad Davies, Looking North

Angharad Davies, Looking North:

My film is a realisation of the Looking North score by Christian Wolff. Sitting in the garden with my violin, I directed my camera to the North, and responded to the environment that I had placed myself.


Score to Looking North, by Christian Wolff:

Think of, imagine, devise, a pulse, any you choose, of any design.

When you hear a sound or see a movement or smell a smell or feel any sensation not seeming to emanate from yourself, whose location in time you can sense, and its occurrence coincides, at some point, with your pulse, make your pulse evident: in some degree: for any duration.

a) Express all coincidences.
b) Express only every tenth one.
c) Forget your pulse and play as closely as you can to every second, fifth, twentieth and single expression of pulse of one other player (this can be repeated as in a loop).
d) Play very long, generally low pitched and quiet melody without particular reference to a pulse (once only).
e) At any point stop.
f) At any point stop, think of another pulse, and proceed as above.

Or: think of, imagine, devise, any number of pulses…and so on, as above.

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